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Integration of UV light for Air disinfection: Powerful against germs and viruses!

Efficiency microbiologically tested
IFS compliant
Reliable UVC air disinfection for industry & indoor areas

Clean air without chemicals: discover our powerful solutions for air disinfection with UV light.

In many manufacturing industries, absolute hygiene and a germ-free environment are essential. Whether in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or food industries, disinfecting the air with the help of UV light can help to reduce exposure to germs, mold and bacteria to a minimum. Especially in areas with a high volume of people, UVC air disinfection is an effective protection against pathogens.

With Peschl Ultraviolet’s UVC technology, bacteria, viruses and mold spores in the air are inactivated effectively and permanently by the effect of UVC radiation. The radiation penetrates the inside of the cells and destroys the genetic material of the pathogens, preventing them from reproducing. The disinfection method is not only highly effective, but also environmentally friendly, as it does not require the use of chemicals.

Air disinfection with UV light has proven itself especially in these application areas:

  • Food industry (e.g. meat industry, industrial bakeries, dairy industry)
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry
  • Indoor areas with risk of infection (hospitals, laboratories)
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Areas with a high volume of people (waiting areas, department stores, open-plan offices)

Disinfection with UV light is a proven method in a wide range of applications. Thanks to UVC radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm, our modules are ideally suited for combating molds, yeasts, viruses and bacteria. This allows you to ensure reliably controlled germ levels in HVAC systems, evaporators, refrigerated vehicles and many other areas – without the use of chemicals! Trust in the powerful effect of UV light!

UVC surface disinfection in plant engineering – with Peschl Ultraviolet

Disinfection with UV light is a proven method in a wide range of applications. Thanks to UVC radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm, our modules are ideally suited for combating molds, yeasts, viruses and bacteria. This allows you to ensure reliably controlled germ levels in HVAC systems, air coolers, refrigerated vehicles and many other areas – without the use of chemicals!

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Peschl Ultraviolet Air disinfection – UV light instead of chemicals

The innovative Peschl Ultraviolet air disinfection uses UV light to eliminate harmful organisms in the air – without the use of chemicals. Our modules work with UVC rays of 253.7nm wavelength and are extremely effective against molds, yeasts, viruses and bacteria. They provide reliable control of germ contamination in AHUs, evaporators, refrigerated vehicles and many other applications. With Peschl Ultraviolet air disinfection, you ensure a hygienic environment without having to resort to aggressive chemicals!

Air disinfection with UV light: quality solutions from professionals.

Air purification is of great importance, both in industrial applications and indoors. With the help of UV light, effective and chemical-free disinfection can be achieved. Especially in the pharmaceutical and food industry, our modules offer a reliable option to keep germ levels under control. In addition, UVC radiation provides valuable services for air disinfection in air handling systems for laboratories and busy premises.

Peschl Ultraviolet offers a comprehensive range of modules for air disinfection with UV light. These are suitable both for integration in plant engineering and for retrofitting. In addition, plug and play solutions are available for various purposes. Rely on the power of UVC radiation and ensure optimum air hygiene.


UVELIOS® 500 Air Disinfection System: This plug and play UVC system for air disinfection is ideal for storage and production rooms and convinces with its powerful lamp. Even at low temperatures down to 5° Celsius, the system works reliably and efficiently. With an impressive air flow rate of 500 m3 per hour, it purifies the air and ensures a healthy working environment. Installation of the UVELIOS® 500 is safe and easy, even in low rooms, thanks to the light trap. Let the cleaning power of the UVELIOS® 500 convince you and enjoy clean, healthy air in your working environment.

UV air disinfection


Air Disinfection System

UVELIOS® 100 Air Disinfection System: UVELIOS® 100 is a powerful system for reducing airborne germ levels in heavily frequented rooms. With the help of only two UVC lamps, the air is reliably disinfected, thus minimizing the risk of infection. The robust plug and play design allows permanent use, making it particularly suitable for waiting rooms and treatment rooms. The air flow rate of up to 100 m3 per hour is individually adjusted to the area of application. UVELIOS® 100 is the perfect solution for continuous and effective air disinfection.

UV air disinfection


Air Disinfection System

IRMCOMPACT module for disinfection of air coolers: The IRMCOMPACT reflector module is a real powerhouse that ensures chemical-free evaporator disinfection with its powerful UVC lamps and thus provides improved air hygiene. The development of germs and associated production risks are effectively prevented by purifying the air in your coolers with UV light. Rely on the power of technology and create a hygienic environment for your business!

UV air disinfection


Module for Air Cooler Disinfection

DTS®25 Immersion Tube System: The DTS®25 all-around immersion tube system is fully waterproof and offers powerful performance from 12-300 watts. Whether used for air or water, you can rely on the power of the DTS®25. Perfectly suited for system integration or even a retrofit. Optionally, we offer a plug & play version with its own control cabinet.

UV air disinfection


Immersion Tube System

sterisol Air- and Surface Disinfection: A system for effective air disinfection with UV light in unused indoor spaces or inside closed casings – sterisol. The system keeps the germ level under control very effectively and is also cost-effective, environmentally friendly and gentle without the use of chemicals.

UV air disinfection


Air & Surface Disinfection

sterisolDUCT Air disinfection in HVAC systems: To prevent microbiological problems from occurring at all, it is worth integrating a sterisolDUCT module in HVAC systems. Of course, sterisol can also be easily retrofitted in existing systems and ensures clean and germ-free air in laboratories, hospitals, open-plan offices and the manufacturing industry.

UV air disinfection


Air Disinfection for HVAC Systems

Peschl Ultraviolet: Your reliable partner in air disinfection with UV light

In the field of air disinfection with UV light, Peschl Ultraviolet is the partner you need at your side. Due to our 40 years of experience in the industry, which we can draw on when developing new UV systems, we offer optimal system solutions for various industries. As a family-owned company, quality and customer service are our top priorities, because the satisfaction of our international customers is very important to us.

See the advantages of our UVC modules:

  • Waterproof according to IP 67
  • IFS compliant
  • Independently tested
  • Chemical free
  • Removal of 99.99% of all existing germs

Optimum air hygiene with our UV modules – whether in ventilation and air-conditioning systems or in plants in the manufacturing industry.

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