Immersion tube system

Waterproof UV lamp for UV-C disinfection in industrial design.

UV-C immersion tube system made of stainless steel for air, water and surface disinfection (hybrid system). Consisting of a high-power UV-C lamp in a highly robust housing and a solid ballast unit ready for connection. Immersion tube systems are completely waterproof and can be operated under water (IP68). Pressure tight on all sides up to 2 bar, with flange mounting up to 10 bar overpressure. Mounting via the flange with anti-twist protection or optionally by means of stainless steel spring clips. Industrial version without vulnerable fine thread. Optionally available with lampSAFE shatter protection (pressure-resistant up to 2 bar), version for 3-20 m cable length as well as metal-free version (UPW applications).

DTS 25
DTS 25
  • Fully waterproof (IP68)
  • Robust industrial version without fine thread
  • Simple, tool-free lamp replacement
  • Form-fit connection of the quartz tube
    • No unintentional pulling out possible
    • Suitable for negative pressure (quick tank emptying)
  • Head section internally grounded for high wattage lamps
  • 12 – 300 W lamp power as standard industrial products
  • Modular system with many additional options
DTS 25

Areas of Application

  • Water disinfection in tanks and reservoirs
  • Surface disinfection of evaporator fins and heat exchangers
  • Mounting between transport rollers for surface disinfection
  • Water disinfection in air washers from ventilation systems
  • Knife disinfection in cutting device systems
  • Air disinfection in cooling and storage rooms
DTS 25

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    DTS 25

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