Reflector Module for the disinfection of evaporators

Germ-free evaporator without chemicals!

Condensate and biofilms result in evaporators to a high bacterial load (e.g. Listeria) which will be spread into the air and are thus passed on to the product. This cross-contamination is a risk for your production with product failures and shorter minimum shelf life.
The integration of UVC modules inside and in front of evaporator systems highly reduce the microbial load. Micro-organisms on the surface of the system, as well as in the air are reliably inactivated, and the growth of biofilms in the evaporator will be prevented. The application significantly reduces the airborne microbial load and thus contributing to the air hygiene.

  • Special product features IRMCOMPACT
  • Easy to retrofit into existing evaporators
  • completely waterproof ( IP67)
  • LampSafe splinter protection
  • lamp replacement without tools
  • thermally insulated UVC Lamp PUV -D series with integrated reflector

Areas of Application

  • In all areas of food processing in which evaporators are used
  • In the interim storage and logistics of unpackaged products as well as in refrigerated vehicles

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