Customized solutions for OEM customers

Development and production of customer-specific UV reactors & assemblies for plant manufacturers (OEM), which are integrated into plants or brought to market as the respective OEM’s own brand in small and medium series quantities.

Our developers draw on a large number of already existing flow simulation data, calculation tools and designs and adapt the product to the customer’s specific requirements, so that the time to market is greatly reduced and no high development costs are incurred. The products are characterized by high quality, a high level of technical development and innovative features, which offer the OEM partner significant advantages in the market. The UV systems are optimally adapted to the application, high performance and high efficiency through in-house lamp development. The reactor sizes start in the ml range and reach up to flow rates of several 100 m³/h.

In addition to ready-to-connect reactors with coordinated components (reactor, cladding tube, lamp, ballast, control unit, etc.) as a “package unit” with process guarantee and defined interface to the superordinate system, lamp modules are also offered for integration in reactors already developed by OEMs in order to optimise them or to follow the current state of the art. The OEM products as well as the radiation sources are tested, labelled according to customer specifications and professionally packed on request. Different concepts are available to protect the after-sales business.

Typical customer-specific solutions:
  • Fully waterproof (IP68)185nm small reactors for TOC removal in analytical instruments
  • UVC-LED reactors for disinfection in water dispensers, dentist’s chairs, mobile applications
  • Metal-free reactors for the semiconductor industry
  • Reactors for wastewater treatment in horticulture
  • Immersion lamps and reactors in the laboratory for disinfection of demineralised water
  • Pharmaceutical reactors with hygienic connections and high surface quality
  • Photoreactors for AOP processes in wastewater treatment
  • Reactors for chlorine- / chloramine / residual ozone decompositionu

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