UV disinfection
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UV disinfection building planning

Innovative UVC modules
for air handling systems

Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH has been in business since 1980, developing state-of-the-art devices for the purification of surfaces, air and water. We are proud to supply industrial companies and all areas of life and work with innovative products for UV disinfection and exhaust air purification.

Many systems can be easily integrated, especially during the construction planning phase. For this reason, UVC modules for air purification, for example, are already installed in ventilation systems to ensure an optimum exchange of fresh air and effective disinfection. Careful planning of the integration of air disinfection is particularly important in buildings such as hospitals, care homes or schools where sick or vulnerable people are present or where there are large numbers of people such as supermarkets or shopping centers.

Our experienced application consultants are on hand to answer all your technical questions and will be pleased to help you with your planning.

UV disinfection building planning


  • In-house product development
  • Device design and testing
  • Laboratory for analysis and evaluation
  • Application consulting
  • Design assistance

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Our hygiene team will be pleased to answer your questions about our products and advise you on air, water and surface disinfection.

    UV disinfection building planning

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