UV disinfection
office & banks

UV disinfection office and banks

Virus-free workplaces
thanks to air disinfection with UVC

Many people come together at the workplace, work in the office or stay in the conference room for certain periods of time. When several people come together in a room, the air quality drops sharply. Air cleaners with UVC technology help to eliminate pathogenic viruses and bacteria from the air and contribute to the long-term health of employees. Air cleaners should be switched on in advance to create a circulation of clean air in the room. In conference rooms, these can be switched off to save energy and also ventilate the room via the windows.

Hygienic transfer and protected reception

There is a risk of pathogens being transmitted as soon as they arrive at large companies. To make the document and registration handover process safer, transfer trays with UVC disinfection can be installed. This enables a quick and safe process for everyone involved and protects your employees from infection.

Of course, we also offer a range of disinfection dispensers that can be installed in the entrance area or high-traffic areas.

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UV disinfection office and banks


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    UV disinfection office and banks

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