eos®UV MOVE 800

Mobile surface disinfection device for room disinfection.

Effective, fast and mobile surface disinfection.
The device can be operated in any room without any further setups. Simply push it into the next room, plug it into the socket and start – one device for the safety of many rooms.
Thanks to the powerful UVC lamps, a room of about 30 m² can be disinfected within 20-30 minutes.

The operation of the device is secured by a motion sensor, which switches off the UVC lamps if someone enters the room during the disinfection.


  • Mobile
  • High UV output
  • Rapid surface disinfection
  • Safe due to automatic switch-off


  • Hospitals
  • Storage rooms
  • Incoming and outgoing freight
  • Operating rooms
  • Medical Practices
  • amongst others
eosUV MOVE 800

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