UVC technology integration
in plant engineering

  • Waterproof high performance modules
  • Industrial strength & extra robust
  • Microbiologically proven & IFS compliant
Plant engineering

Integrating UVC modules from Peschl Ultraviolet
quickly and easily into plant engineering and construction

In various technical industries such as medical and pharmaceutical technology, food processing or air conditioning technology, the highest purity and hygiene standards are essential. However, these standards often have to be maintained in complex production processes that do not allow any interruption for cleaning purposes. This is exactly where Peschl Ultraviolet steps in: We are your competent partner for the disinfection of your plants.
Our high-performance disinfection modules are suitable for any plant and can be adapted to your needs. Our innovative and environmentally friendly UV-C technology uses UV light with a wavelength of 253.7nm to reliably inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds – whether in the air, in water or on surfaces. With Peschl Ultraviolet, you can rely on the highest standards of purity and hygiene.

Upgrade for industrial plants – UVC disinfection from professionals.

Our UVC units meet sector-specific requirements and are ideally suited both for integration into existing plants and for the development of customized process engineering systems. With innovative UVC disinfection solutions, viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds in the air, in water and on surfaces are inactivated at lightning speed and prove their effectiveness in numerous application areas:

Plant engineering
Meat & Poultry
The meat processing industry requires the highest standards of hygiene, as harmful microorganisms can be present in raw materials, cutting tools, conveyor belts, packaging materials or germ-contaminated air. By using UVC disinfection in ventilation shafts, cold rooms, transport and cutting equipment, hygiene safety is improved – completely without chemicals, but on a purely physical basis.
Plant engineering
Milk & Cheese
Careful quality control is essential to give germs no chance, from raw milk to finished food. Contamination can occur in many places, such as in the ambient air, in filling equipment, packaging or in the milk itself, which can lead to considerable economic damage. Peschl Ultraviolet’s UVC disinfection kills up to 99.99% of microorganisms without chemicals to ensure the highest quality and safety.
Plant engineering
Fruit & Vegetables
Fresh cut convenience products are susceptible to microorganisms that can colonize the surfaces. Contamination can significantly affect the shelf life of fresh cut products. Therefore, a hygienically flawless production chain is essential. This is where customized UVC disinfection solutions are used at process-relevant points in the production flow to ensure the safety and quality of the products.
Plant engineering
Baked goods
The production of baked goods bears microbial risks throughout the entire process, from production and cooling to portioning and packaging. But by using UVC disinfection in air conditioning and production systems, these risks can be effectively minimized. Contaminated air and harmful organisms thus have no chance of spreading in the production area. In this way, expensive and reputation-damaging hygiene problems can be avoided.
Plant engineering
Drinking & bath water
UVC drinking water disinfection eliminates impressive 99.9% of all disease-causing microorganisms without negatively affecting the taste, color, smell, pH or mineral content of the water. The use of ultraviolet light eliminates the need for thermal or chemical methods, providing a solution that is as cost effective as it is environmentally friendly.
Plant engineering
Air conditioning & ventilation systems

Air conditioning and ventilation systems are indispensable not only in living and office areas, but also in production facilities. However, it is of utmost importance to prevent pathogenic germs from circulating through the air and endangering both employees and products. Integrating UVC modules into HVAC and air handling systems as well as air conditioning technology ensures clean indoor air.

Plant engineering
Medicine & Pharma
In medicine, a germ-free environment is essential, both in production facilities in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries and in laboratories and treatment rooms. Through the targeted use of UV technology, production facilities, room air in healthcare facilities, consulting rooms and many other areas can be effectively purified of germs and even multi-resistant pathogens can be inactivated. This effective method ensures maximum hygiene and safety.
Plant engineering

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Plant engineering

Water disinfecWater disinfection
by means of UVCtion by means of UVC

Our hybrid DTS®25 submersible UVC system is a real powerhouse with its completely waterproof UVC modules. It not only disinfects air, water and surfaces with equal reliability, but also provides reliable water disinfection without the use of thermal processes or chemical substances. The UV-C lamp in the highly robust housing with optional lampSAFE® splinter protection ensures safe and effective disinfection. Our all-rounder can be used in various fields of application and convinces with its powerful performance:

  • Disinfection of water in ventilation systems, tanks and storage containers
  • Disinfection of surfaces on transport rollers, vaporizers, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Knife disinfection in cutting systems
  • Air disinfection in cooling and storage rooms
Plant engineering

UVC air purification

Our premium sterisol® and sterisolDUCT® UVC modules are ideally suited for integration into new types of HVAC ducts as well as for upgrades in existing ventilation systems to effectively combat microbiological contamination. Their high intensity and fast disinfection times make them ideal for a wide range of applications:

  • AHU systems, kitchen exhaust air
  • Trucks for refrigerated and fresh food transports

The innovative IRMCOMPACT® module effectively reduces microbial contamination in evaporator and air cooling systems. It effectively inactivates microorganisms present in the air stream or on surfaces. Thanks to its complete water resistance, the module can be easily integrated into existing evaporators. The wide range of applications include:

  • Air coolers in transport and food industries
  • Packaging and bottling plants
Plant engineering

Surface disinfection
with UV modules

The steriBELT® high-performance UVC module from Peschl is the perfect solution for integration into plants and machines, as it offers a performance that is up to four times higher than conventional UVC lamps. With its complete waterproofing and lampSAFE® splinter protection, it is particularly safe and reliable. Thanks to flat-lamp technology, more than 50% of UVC emissions are directed to the surface, making it infinitely more efficient than standard round lamps. steriBELT® is the ideal choice for countless industrial applications:

  • Conveyor belts in the pharmaceutical & food industries
  • Sterilization of bottlenecks and caps
  • Disinfection of packaging materials & transport boxes
  • Disinfection of machines as well as machine parts
  • Disinfection of cutting and filling machines, ascending conveyors, slicers, dicers and crushed ice makers, etc.
Plant engineering

The hygiene solution
for your plants and machines

Rely on Peschl Ultraviolet’s proven UVC technology and benefit from decades of industry experience and the highest quality standards. Our industrial-grade products are efficient and have been tested by independent institutions. They can be integrated into existing systems at any time and are specially optimized for the demands of everyday production – waterproof to IP 67, robust and equipped with lampSAFE® shatter protection. Rely on Peschl Ultraviolet for a reliable and powerful UVC solution.

Rely on Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH for a reliable and powerful UVC solution. Our application consultants will be happy to provide you with advice and support and accompany you from the quotation to the implementation with the necessary know-how.

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