steriBELT® 2.0
Compact high-performance UV-C disinfection system

Device for easy disinfection of surfaces in industry. Avoiding cross-contamination, permanently reducing the total number of germs on conveyor belts, and prolonging the cleaning intervals between production shifts. Increasing the quality and / or preservation as well as the possible extension of the MHD date by germ-free packing materials are only some of the advantages of using the modules.
The special Amalgam lamps used in the steriBELT have an approx. 4-times higher UV-C performance compared to conventional UV-C lamps with the same overall length. In addition, the unique flat-lamp technology emit more than 50% of the generated UV-C power directly onto the surface, which is why the steriBELT lamps are much more efficient than round standard lamps. Standard lamps emit only about 1/3 of the UVC power directly onto the surface. As a result only one steriBELT module is required for optimal disinfection performance, instead of three standard modules of other manufacturers. Due to the Amalgam technology, there is no hazard of free mercury at any time.

  • Only one high-power lamp instead of 3-4 standard lamps
  • Waterproof and rugged design
  • Minimized product deposits due to compact, tube design
  • Remains in the machine for cleaning
  • Special shatter protection foil with increased transmission
  • “Never out of service” concept

Areas of Application

  • Conveyor belt disinfection in the meat processing
  • Bottle neck sterilization in the beverage filling
  • Cap Disinfection
  • Packing disinfecting on round table fillers
  • Disinfection of transport boxes
  • Disinfection in machines (for example, filling ma-chines, risers, slicers, dice cutters, ice-cream makers, bread makers)

Rugged industrial power supply


Microbiological proof


Suitable for everyday use – even when cleaning


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