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Peschl Ultraviolet is a leading manufacturer of UVC disinfection equipment for surfaces, air, and water in all living and working environments. Our high-performance products provide reliable disinfection to companies, schools, care facilities, and industries.

With the elimination of harmful microorganisms being more important than ever before, our state-of-the-art UV disinfection equipment is indispensable for air and water disinfection as well as surface disinfection or disifection of conveyor belts in industry. Protect your environment with Peschl Ultraviolet’s persuasive UV disinfection technology.

Peschl Ultraviolet

UV disinfection
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Discover a wide range of possibilities for industrial applications!

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UVC disinfection
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Rely on Peschl Ultraviolet’s proven disinfection solutions whenever industrial UV disinfection is required. Our innovative UV disinfection modules can be integrated at the plant design stage or easily retrofitted into existing plants. Whether in the food, pharmaceutical or other industries, we offer customized solutions for effective UVC disinfection of your plant. You can rely on our longstanding experience and know-how for safe and hygienic production.

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Peschl Ultraviolet
Peschl Ultraviolet

UVC devices
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Together with our partners we offer products as optimal solutions for air and surface disinfection by innovative and environmentally friendly UV-C technology.
Our devices for surface and air disinfection disinfect up to 99.99% and free them especially from viruses and germs – safe, ozone-free, low-noise and low-maintenance.

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Peschl Ultraviolet’s UV disinfection systems are among the leaders on the market. Thanks to decades of experience and continuous innovation in the field of UV hygiene, we offer effective solutions for UVC disinfection of surfaces, air and water. With our products, you can count on reliable and powerful disinfection.

Peschl Ultraviolet
Peschl Ultraviolet

More about disinfection by UVC
or How to disinfect with UVC?

UVC radiation represents the most potent range of the light spectrum and is characterized by a wavelength of 200-300 nanometers. In natural sunlight, this form of radiation is completely blocked by the ozone layer. However, when artificially generated and applied under controlled conditions, the exceptionally short wavelength of UVC light can be used to neutralize harmful microorganisms at an impressive rate of 99.9999% – equivalent to a Log 6 reduction.

Viruses in particular, which have a relatively simple cell structure within microorganisms, are effectively eliminated by UVC disinfection without the possibility of resistance forming. Not least because of the discovery of the coronavirus, air disinfection by means of UVC systems has become a highly topical and significant issue.

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