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Germ-free – When it counts!
Our products for UV disinfection for all areas

Rely on the proven disinfection solutions from Peschl Ultraviolet when it comes to industrial UV disinfection. Our innovative UV disinfection modules can be integrated at the plant design stage or easily retrofitted into existing plants. Whether surfaces, air or water to be disinfected, Peschl’s modules are the guarantee for sterility in all areas.

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Why UV disinfection is an indispensable method for clean environments

Peschl Ultraviolet’s UV disinfection solutions bring with them a wealth of benefits that provide an extremely effective and environmentally friendly disinfection method across a range of applications:

UV disinfection systems from are able to effectively kill a wide range of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, resulting in improved hygiene.

Compared to some chemical disinfectants, microorganisms are less likely to become resistant to UV radiation.

Although the initial investment may be higher, the ongoing operating costs of UV disinfection systems are often lower because they do not require continuous supplies of disinfectant.

UV disinfection can be used in a variety of applications including water disinfection, air purification, surface disinfection and medical applications.

Unlike many traditional disinfection methods, UV disinfection does not require additional chemical disinfectants, which reduces exposure to harmful chemicals and reduces environmental impact.

UV hygiene systems can be integrated into existing infrastructures relatively easily.


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Evolution of UV disinfection: Systems and equipment for various industries

Our best-in-class surface disinfection solutions offer you a wide range of modules that can be seamlessly integrated into food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment. Our UV-C tunnels and high-performance disinfection systems provide surface disinfection that effectively prevents cross-contamination and keeps germ levels in the production process at a minimum level.

Air disinfection is also becoming increasingly important. We offer innovative air disinfection solutions for existing air handling systems as well as wall-mounted units for air purification or modules for disinfecting air cooler fins.

The disinfection of water and process water is essential in many industries. Our modern UV water disinfection technologies from Peschl Ultraviolet prevent contamination and recontamination of process water and keep the germ level in water tanks at a very good level. We offer solutions for water and storage tanks in the food industry, rinse water for circuit board production or water filters in HVAC systems.

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