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High performance module for UVC surface disinfection

High-performance UVC module in open-frame design (IP 20) with convection cooling and an extremely high UVC intensity of 100 mW / cm² at a distance of 20 mm. The ballasts are located in the housing, so no separate control cabinet is necessary. On the side of the housing are individual status LEDs for visual single lamp monitoring. The module is equipped with a special UV filter system so that no UV light can escape from the top of the module. The device is supplied ready for connection and is put into operation with a lighted switch.

The module contains specially designed high performance UVC lamps, which are provided with a reflective coating and thermally optimized for operation in the system. Optionally, the module can be connected to a plant control syste, and the lamp function can be evaluated by the system operator online.

  • Inexpensive high-performance module with extremely high irradiance (100 mW / cm² at a distance of 2 cm)
  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • Integrated UV filter for personal protection
  • Single lamp monitoring
  • High-efficiency UVC lamps with reflector

Areas of Application

  • Surface disinfection
  • Packaging material disinfection
  • Cap disinfection
  • Packing film disinfection

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