Air and surface disinfection

Air and surface disinfection in the simplest way – reliable and proven.

Sterisol emitter strips for room air and simultaneous surface disinfection.

Cost-effective and fast reduction of germ levels in periods without people being present by means of direct disinfection, e.g. during the night or in closed areas and housings.

  • High intensity for short disinfection times
  • Ceiling or wall mounting
  • UVC-stable stainless steel housing
  • Electronic ballast with high efficiency
  • Softstart technology for long life
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Toolless lamp replacement
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy cleaning

Areas of Application

  • Direct disinfection of laboratory rooms
  • Total disinfection in laminar flow devices
  • Germ level reduction in production rooms
  • Disinfection within machine areas
  • Disinfection in material locks
  • For installation in disinfection cabinets, drawers and racks for storing products
  • Protection against recontamination of conventionally cleaned objects

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