Highly effective air, surface and water disinfection with UVC

UV Anwendungen IndustrieUV disinfection in industry & logistics

UV disinfection solutions for the food and meat industry

Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH specializes in the development and construction of devices for cleaning air, water and surfaces in the food and meat industry. Peschl is also the right partner for uv disinfection and hygiene in various areas of vegan food production or in the production of meat substitutes. In cooperation with our partners, we offer innovative solutions for disinfection using environmentally friendly UV-C technology that are suitable for all areas and room sizes.

The sterilization and disinfection of air and surfaces plays a particularly important role in industry and various areas of logistics. As an experienced supplier for the food, pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, we supply companies with high-quality products such as UV-C tunnels or high-performance UV disinfection systems for surfaces. These measures prevent cross-contamination and keep germ levels low during the production process. Thanks to our environmentally friendly and energy-efficient UV-C technology, viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds are killed within seconds on surfaces as well as in air and water. Discover the various integration options for UV disinfection in industry and logistics. Our application consultants are on hand to help and advise you.


  • In-house product development
  • Device design and testing
  • Laboratory for analysis and evaluation
  • Application consulting
  • Design assistance

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After 20 years of practical application in the field of UVC technology, we provide technically experienced support to consumers as well as product manufacturers, system builders and construction planners.

In addition to personal advice, we attach great importance to functionality, precision, first-class manufacturing processes and attractive design.

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