UV disinfection
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UV disinfection medicine care

Virus-free room air
in your doctor’s surgery, nursing home and the entire medical sector

Viruses and bacteria can easily spread in doctors’ surgeries, waiting rooms and treatment rooms. The risk of infection through air or surfaces is particularly high in these areas.

To counter this, UV-C air disinfection is an extremely effective method of preventing colds and viral diseases. It can be used wherever safe and effective purification of indoor air in the presence of people is required – for example in medical or dental practices, laboratories, podiatry or physiotherapy practices and care homes.

Air and surface disinfection with UV-C

The use of high-quality UV-C lamps has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective. These are ozone-free and can be used in air disinfection devices as well as devices for disinfecting surfaces. Exceeding the minimum irradiation time reliably kills Covid-19 viruses and other harmful pathogens. As the devices are fully protected, no UV light penetrates to the outside – making the air 99.99% virus-free.

UV modules for existing HVAC systems

In larger buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes or medical centers, so-called ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems) are often used. These extract used air and supply filtered fresh air from outside. To ensure germ-free indoor air here too, Peschl Hygiene offers UV modules that can be integrated into existing ventilation systems.

These special UV modules have been developed to solve or prevent microbiological problems. They can be installed in new HVAC ducts or retrofitted into existing infrastructures.

You can rely on virus-free air and germ-free surfaces – especially when it counts!

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UV disinfection medicine care


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    UV disinfection medicine care

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