UV disinfection sports leisure

UV Anwendungen Sport und FreizeitUV disinfection in sports & leisure

Clean air in sports halls, gyms and leisure facilities

During sporting activities, the frequency of breathing increases, which leads to a greater amount of air in the body. It is therefore particularly important that purified indoor air is available in fitness studios or gyms. Healthy air increases both the performance of those exercising and their health.

A pleasant indoor climate also influences a person’s decision on whether or not to train in the room. And this applies not only to gyms or sports halls, but also to leisure facilities such as trampoline halls, climbing gyms or indoor playgrounds. Children can play and let off steam more healthily in clean air and parents don’t have to wait for their children as anxiously.

Germ-free thanks to innovative UV-C technology

We offer various solutions with the latest UVC technology for cleaning air contaminated with germs in sports halls, fitness studios and leisure facilities. The UVC light with a wavelength of 253.7 nm breaks down the RNA/DNA of viruses such as the corona virus, cold viruses and other microorganisms, thus producing an extremely disinfecting effect. This was also confirmed by a study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP. The institute proves that our air purification method is extremely effective and reduces the viral load by at least 99% under realistic conditions – this was simulated in a classroom.

To clean your sports or leisure facility, we offer both wall or ceiling-mounted devices and integrated UVC modules for HVAC systems. We also offer hand disinfection dispensers for entrance or sanitary areas.

Our application consultants will be pleased to help you select the right devices for your facility.

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